Personality and Feedback Type Affects Rowing Performance: Will Ruth

Should Rowers Stretch?: Blake Gourley

Improve 2,000-Meter Rowing Performance with Beta-Alanine and Sodium Bicarbonate: Joe DeLeo

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Effects of feedback type and personality on 2,000-m ergometer performance in female varsity collegiate rowers. Stine, K., Moxey, J., Gilbertson, N., Malin, S., & Weltman, A. (2019). Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 33(8).

Researchers studied a team of 38 female collegiate rowers to learn what personality factors, feedback types, and physical variables influenced 2km erg performance. The rowers performed best over 2km when they were less neurotic, more agreeable, more conscientious, received combined visual and verbal feedback during testing, had longer VO2 max test durations, and had greater fat-free body mass and total body mass. This article explores applications in training and racing for all of these findings.

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Acute comparative effect of foam rolling and static stretching on range of motion in rowers. Penichet-Tomas, A., Pueo, B., Adbad-Lopez, M., Jimenez-Olmedo, J. (2021). Sustainability, 13.

Researchers compared the sit and reach scores of eight collegiate male rowers after foam rolling or static stretching. Researchers found significant improvements in range of motion after both protocols, but no significant differences were found between the two protocols. Coaches and rowers can utilize these two methods in their warm-ups and cool-downs to improve range of motion which may potentially enhance rowing performance and decrease injury risk.

Effect of beta-alanine with and without sodium bicarbonate on 2,000-m rowing performance. Hobson, R., Harris, R., Martin, D., Smith, P., Macklin, B., Gualano, B. & Sale, C. (2013). Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 23.

Researchers studied 20 rowers to determine if beta-alanine or sodium bicarbonate had greater effects on performance independently or in combination. The rowers who consumed beta-alanine had a 2.1 second improvement in 2,000-meter rowing ergometer time trial performance. Rowers improved a further 1.1 seconds (a total improvement time of 3.3 seconds) when they combined sodium bicarbonate with beta-alanine. The results of this study showed rowers can use both of these supplements to improve rowing performance across 2,000 meters.

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