Spinal-Exercise Prescription in Sport: Classifying Physical Training & Rehabilitation by Intention & Outcome – By Alex Wolf

Pre-Recovery Strategies for Rowers – By Blake Gourley

L-Theanine’s Impact on the Immune System of Elite Rowers – By Joe DeLeo

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Article Summaries

Spencer, S., Wolf, A. & Rushton, A. (2016). Spinal-Exercise Prescription in Sport: Classifying Physical Training and Rehabilitation by Intention and Outcome. Journal of Athletic Training, 51(10).

Practitioners and research experts evaluated the existing evidence of trunk training and integrated their practical experiences to establish modifiable trunk training principles. These principles define the intended outcome (such as strength or mobility) along with exercise classification aligned to these outcomes. The study provides rowers and those working with rowers principles to consider when prescribing trunk training for performance and management of low back pain.

Braun-Trocchio, R., Graybeal, A., Kreutzer, A., Warfield, E., Renteria, J., Harrison, K., Williams, A., Moss, K., Shah, M. (2022). Recovery Strategies in Endurance Athletes. Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology, 7(22).

Researchers had 264 endurance athletes fill out a questionnaire detailing their belief in and use of different recovery strategies. According to these athletes the most commonly used recovery strategies were sleep, nutrition, and hydration. This group also reported that they had the strongest belief in the effectiveness of the same three strategies. Since athletes are already bought in on the value of these strategies, coaches have an opportunity to educate rowers on how to effectively improve their use of the “Big 3” (sleep, nutrition, and hydration).

Juszkiewicz, A., Glapa, A., Basta, P., Petriczko, E., Żołnowski, K., Machaliński, B., Trzeciak, J., Luczkowska, K. & Skarpańska-Stejnborn, A. (2019). The effect of L-theanine supplementation on the immune system of athletes exposed to strenuous physical exercise. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 16(1).

Researchers followed 20 elite male rowers from the Polish National Rowing Team throughout a six-week training camp. Rowers were split into two groups: a supplement group and a placebo group. The supplement group consumed 150 mg of L-theanine and the placebo group consumed 150mg of cornstarch. The researchers found a beneficial effect on the immune system in the supplementation group. Rowers and coaches may be able to use L-theanine to enhance their immune function and to mitigate the risk of overtraining.

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