Science of Rowing is the resource for coaches and rowers of all levels. Each month, we read across dozens of academic journals for rowing-relevant research, deliver summaries and takeaways from the most relevant articles, and discuss practical applications via audio roundtables, and supporting bonus content.


In August of 2020, Science of Rowing was launched by Will Ruth, Blake Gourley, and Joe DeLeo. All three came from strength and conditioning coaching backgrounds.


The mission of Science of Rowing is to provide evidence based research to the rowing community and make it more accessible to rowers and coaches of all levels.


We do the heavy lifting for you. We provide plain language written summaries accompanied by visual graphics to enhancing learning. Each article is supported by a piece of bonus content that may include infographics, video, or an interview with an expert in the field.


We make research easy to understand with plain-language summaries, video and graphic content, and practical takeaways that any rower, coach, or support staff member can put into practice immediately.


Article reviews are focused in key research areas including: rowing sport science, strength & conditioning, nutrition & supplementation, and rowing injuries. Our authors are coaches, researchers, and practitioners in the field.

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