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We are donating 100% of our new monthly membership profits in November to the “A Most Beautiful Thing” Inclusion Fund.

The AMBT Inclusion Fund is a new organization of the George Pocock Rowing Foundation with “A Most Beautiful Thing” author and creator Arshay Cooper. The AMBT Inclusion Fund supports education, scholarship, and mentorship programs to get more kids rowing on the water, focusing on non-traditional communities and communities of color where youth face barriers to participation in the sport.

Read our announcement here at Pocock Foundation.

Read more about the AMBT Inclusion Fund here.

We’re committed to helping initiatives that provide rowing opportunities for more people from diverse backgrounds. Our goal with Science of Rowing is to drive improvement in rowing performance for coaches and rowers of all levels and backgrounds. Inclusivity and diversity are two key areas where rowing must improve.

By purchasing a new membership for Science of Rowing or directly donating to the AMBT Inclusion Fund, you are helping to support youth development initiatives, increase diversity in the sport, and change lives through the sport of rowing.

How to Contribute

Just join Science of Rowing anytime in November, and we’ll automatically donate your monthly membership amount to the AMBT Inclusion Fund. Members get access to all previously published Science of Rowing issues via the archives. Join us in November, contribute to a great cause, and get three issues for the price of one!

If you’re already a Science of Rowing member and want to contribute, you can donate directly to the AMBT Inclusion Fund or get involved via the links above. You can also buy a gift Science of Rowing membership for a rower or coach in your life to give the donation on your behalf!

Membership Options and More Info

PS: If you’re doing the Concept2 Holiday Challenge, the AMBT Inclusion Fund is one of the donation options.

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