Camp Lucy Fundraiser

We are donating 100% of our new monthly membership profits in November 2021 to the Camp Lucy Program by George Pocock Rowing Foundation.

Camp Lucy is a new program by the George Pocock Rowing Foundation for middle school girls from diverse backgrounds in the Seattle, WA area. “The Ultimate Learn-to-Row Experience,” Camp Lucy includes an introduction to erging, rowing in team boats, strength and fitness, life skills workshops, and mentorship.

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More information about Camp Lucy.

We support opportunities for young women in rowing. By providing a free, bilingual program focused on middle school girls, Camp Lucy is an exciting opportunity to get young people excited about rowing, physical fitness, and healthy lifestyles. Camp Lucy honors the legacy of Lucy Pocock, George Pocock’s sister and a pioneer of women’s rowing and coaching. Through rowing, GPRF empowers confident, strong, healthy young women and share the Pocock philosophy of “harmony, balance, and rhythm” for rowing and life.

Thank you for helping support youth development initiatives, increase diversity in the sport, and change lives through the sport of rowing.

How to Contribute

Join Science of Rowing anytime in November 2021, and we’ll automatically donate your new monthly membership amount to Camp Lucy. Members get access to all previously published Science of Rowing issues, so join us in November and get all 15 issues going back to August, 2020 for the price of one while contributing to a great cause.

Are you already a Science of Rowing member? You can buy a gift Science of Rowing membership for a rower or coach in your life to give the donation on your behalf, or participate in the fundraiser in other ways (info below).

More Ways to Give

Will Ruth is contributing 50% of his book profits from “Rowing Stronger: Strength Training to Maximize Rowing Performance,” available in ebook and print.

Blake Gourley is donating 100% of his book profits from “The Movement of Rowing: Self-Screening Strategies & Solutions for the Ankle,” available in ebook and print.

Joe DeLeo is matching the first $100 of new memberships, so the first ~7 new members will double their donation amount!

No additional action required. Buy a membership or book any time in November and we will automatically donate your amount to Camp Lucy as part of our fundraiser.

You can also donate directly to Camp Lucy via GPRF.

Camp Lucy Pilot Program

Camp Lucy program leads Zoe Vais and Jon Campaña joined us on Science of Rowing Youtube to tell us about the weekend pilot program they ran in October, and what’s coming up in the summer 2022 full version.

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