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Will, Blake, and Joe were first connected by Rebecca Caroe, Rowing Chat podcast founder and then also CEO of Rowperfect UK. Rebecca hosted our very first episode of “The Strength Coach Roundtable” in 2016, which became the first sub-channel of the Rowing Chat Podcast Network. We took off from there, recording 17 episodes over the next four years on a variety of strength training topics and including guest episodes with rowing coaches, physical therapists, and other strength coaches.

We’re glad to have you along for our next project as a trio. Science of Rowing is a monthly membership publication of takeaway-focused research reviews on rowing training and performance, bonus video/graphic content to help move the knowledge into application, and, true to our roots, a podcast episode of the three of us discussing the articles and our experiences in detail.

You can access our free Sample Issue here to see what we’re all about, including:

  • Core Training for Rowers by Will Ruth
  • Textured Insoles and Rowing Performance by Blake Gourley
  • Injury Analysis of 700+ Masters Rowers by Joe DeLeo
  • Videos, Podcast, and More!

Joining Science of Rowing

We’re happy to offer you a discount coupon as a Rowing Chat listener. Coupon code <ROWINGCHAT> (all one word, no characters) will get you a monthly price of $12. Click “Membership Options” below, click the “Monthly Membership” dropdown, select “Purchase Monthly Membership,” and enter your personal information as well as the coupon code to join!

This coupon expires on October 1st, but your discount will remain active as long as you are an active monthly member.

Our regular price memberships are $15 per month, $150 per year, with team pricing available. You can also buy a gift membership for a rower or coach in your life (discount coupon still applies!).

“I am beyond proud that the Strength Coach Roundtable team has become The Science of Rowing. Like me, they have been on a journey of discovery through podcasting – Will, Joe and Blake were the second show to launch on the Rowing Chat podcast network and I feel as though this is their graduation.

Their expertise in rowing strength and conditioning combines with clarity of explanation so that ordinary rowers and coaches like myself can understand complex concepts. I value most their careful curation of the scientific literature and applying their insights to rowing so that together we can all become better athletes and better coaches. If Rowing Chat can spawn an ever widening circle of expert niche podcasts, I will be delighted. You are the first, and I hope The Science of Rowing becomes as legendary as the Strength Coach Roundtable.”

Rebecca Caroe, Masters Rower and Rowing Chat Podcast Founder

“With cutting edge tips to teach effective technique, design better training programs, or reduce injury risk, ‘Science of Rowing’ gives you information that you can immediately put into practice. It’s a must-read for any coach or athlete who simply wants to make their boats go faster and be the best they can be.”

Marlene Royle, Masters Coach,

“Thank you Will, Blake, and Joe for putting together a great resource for us all. They have done the work of screening many studies and volumes of research to present relevant, current information that we can apply to become more efficient and healthier rowers at all stages. I especially enjoy the variety of media sources they have created with video demonstrations, webinars, podcasts. Most importantly, I appreciate the research-based evidence they provide. I look forward to future issues!”

Kathryn Barr McGill, Masters Rower (World Champ 2018)

“’Science of Rowing’ is an excellent resource for me as a competitive masters athlete. The analysis and summaries of topics related to training and coach/athlete-education provide many worthwhile and valuable takeaways. I like the easy-to-browse layout with the table of contents, author biographies, demonstrations, pictures, videos and links. It is an excellent resource for learning more about topics related to strength, conditioning, and injury rehabilitation. I’m looking forward to reading future editions. It’s very exciting to have easy access to current information and research  related to a sport I am passionate about. Well done Will, Blake and Joe!”

Diane Barr, Masters Rower (World Champ 2018)

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