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Dive deeper with engaging infographics summarizing each study and narrated explanations by the authors themselves, offering visual insights that bring the research to life. This enriched content complements the articles while providing a broader understanding of the complex topics.

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Karen Calara

Physical Therapist
"We have to maximize rowers' training in a limited amount of precious time to keep athletes performing and injury-free. 'Science of Rowing' is a must-read for all involved in our sport."

Caitlin McClain

Junior Rowing Coach
" 'Science of Rowing' is guaranteed to be worth it with current research compiled and translated into takeaways that are easy to understand and apply."

Stuart McGill, PhD

Professor Emeritus and Chief Scientific Officer for Backfitpro Inc.
" 'Science of Rowing' compiles reviews of important research for rowers in an easily consumable format. Coaches and rowers of all levels will benefit! "

Sarah Risser

Masters Rower
" 'Science of Rowing' allows rowers to stay on the cutting edge effortlessly, offering a refreshing shortcut rarely found in the sport."

Marlene Royle

Rowing Coach
“With cutting edge tips to teach effective technique, design better training programs, or reduce injury risk, ‘Science of Rowing’ gives you information that you can immediately put into practice. It’s a must-read for any coach or athlete who simply wants to make their boats go faster and be the best they can be.”

Cam Kiosoglous

USRowing Director of Sport Science
“’Science of Rowing’ is a great resource for sharing critical findings from academic research in a practical way. This is for coaches and rowers committed to improving their coaching quality and rowing performance. Will, Blake, and Joe have done all the hard work for you and made it easy for you to apply these takeaways to your coaching or training today.”

Luke Smyth

Rowing Ireland Coach Educator
“Will, Blake, and Joe do a great job of presenting relevant information to both coach and rower. Often, the information produced in research does not always make its way to the coaches and athletes, and even when it does this new information can be misinterpreted or taken out of context. Will, Blake, and Joe have set-out to bridge the gap between research and practice to help improve the sport of rowing and provide easy-to-use information for the rowing community. I look forward to keeping up to date with their publications to build on my own understanding of the sport and feed my growth mind-set.”

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