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Give Science of Rowing as a Gift to a Friend or Loved One.


The latest and greatest in rowing, strength, and performance.

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Science of Rowing is for any coach or rower who wants to stay on top of the latest scientific knowledge. Article reviews are focused in key research areas including: rowing sport science, strength & conditioning, nutrition & supplementation, and rowing injuries. Our authors are coaches, researchers, and practitioners in the field. We make research easy to understand with plain-language summaries, video and graphic content, and practical takeaways that any rower, coach, or support staff member can put into practice immediately.

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About the Coaches

Joe DeLeo & Alex Wolf

Two current rowing strength & conditioning coaches dedicated to improving coach and athlete-education through evidence-based resources and practice.

Reader Reviews

Science of Rowing is for coaches and rowers of all types, ages, and levels.

Check out some reader reviews from all over the world of rowing!

karen small
“We have to maximize rowers’ training in a limited amount of precious time to keep athletes performing and injury-free. ‘Science of Rowing’ is a must-read for all involved in our sport.”

Karen Calara, Physical Therapist

mcclain small
“‘Science of Rowing’ is guaranteed to be worth it with current research compiled and translated into takeaways that are easy to understand and apply.”

Caitlin McClain, Juniors Coach

mcgill small

“‘Science of Rowing’ compiles reviews of important research for rowers in an easily consumable format. Coaches and rowers of all levels will benefit…”

Stuart McGill, PhD, Backfitpro Inc

risser small

“‘Science of Rowing’ allows rowers to stay on the cutting edge effortlessly, offering a refreshing shortcut rarely found in the sport.”

Sarah Risser, Masters Rower

royle small

“With cutting edge tips to teach effective technique, design better training programs, or reduce injury risk, ‘Science of Rowing’ gives you information that you can immediately put into practice.”

Marlene Royle, Masters Coach,

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